Why the Jersey Shore?

Our answer would be why not!!

If you grew up in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or New York you would understand how the Jersey shore is such a big part of life. Each summer there would be day trips or vacations with family and friends; year after year, one generation to the next, memories are made and continue to be made at the Jersey shore. I love all of my childhood memories at the shore, and today Karen and I have continued to make more memories with our families and our friends.

Karen and I met in Washington, D.C. and soon after relocated back to New Jersey. Our dream was to have our own business close to home. Our restaurant in Doylestown, PA, is very close to our home in Lambertville, NJ, and we love our town and community. A few years into our business we decided to look at purchasing our own business property, but after a year of looking locally we had no luck. So one winter day I asked Karen if she would consider the Jersey shore and she said yes! We'd purchased a cottage in Seaside Park many years ago and frequented our home here during the summers, but we never imagined we would have our business here until that one winter day. Our dream at the Jersey shore was about to come true.

Let’s fast forward...
Now here we are in Seaside, so excited and grateful to be a part of this community, and we both are looking forward to the future of many more summers at the Jersey shore!! So beautiful and wonderful. We personally invite you to our place - to eat, be happy and create your own memories.

Genevieve & Karen

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Family at the shore!

Sofia, Guido, Karen, Genevieve and Leo


Jenna and Taylor

Loving our beach time at IBSP!

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Taylor Bing!

Good boy!

Karen Bryant